When do you normally start fertilization and/or weed control services in the spring? – Before the ground temperature rises above 50 degrees, and the weather permits, we will start applying fertilization and pre-emergent. Once the ground temperature rises above 50 degrees consistently, and again if the weather permits, we will start applying post-emergent. It normally takes us anywhere from 2-4 weeks to complete a round of turf care treatments for all of our customers.

The University of Kentucky department of Turfgrass Science recommends only one application of fertilizer in the fall. Why do you apply three? – We recommend the same amount of fertilizer as UK, however, we split it up between the spring, summer, and fall. The reason why we recommend this is because if fertilizer is applied in the spring, it will fuel a better spring ‘green-up’ and help strengthen existing and new turf before the stress of heat and drought in the summer. In addition, applying fertilizer again in the summer serves to support the turf during heat and low moisture. Lastly, applying a fertilizer in the fall will help the turf prepare for the winter season by providing nutrients all winter long.

I have had my first weed control application applied. Why do I still see weeds? – Please allow 7-10 days for the weeds to curl and die. Once the weeds die, they may still be visible. They should go away once you mow your turf. If any weeds are still living after this process, they most likely germinated after the weed control has done it’s job.

  • Please note, however, if you are within year 1 of your treatments, it is very hard to eliminate all weeds from your lawn. This is due to weeds that have been pre-established for several years. For each subsequent year after year 1, your lawn will become closer and closer to virtually weed free.

It rained after you applied my weed control. Will it still work? – Yes, we use a sticking agent together with the weed control. Once the product is dry (it usually takes about a half hour to dry), it cannot be washed away. However, it can be diluted depending on the amount of rain your lawn received. It usually takes about 7-10 days for weed control to work. If it rained a lot, just keep an eye on your lawn. If the weeds do not begin to curl after 7-10 days, give us a call and we’ll come out and assess your lawn. Remember! All service calls are free, so this is no cost to you.

What is the difference between pre-emergent and post-emergent? – Pre-emergent is a weed control that is applied before the weeds start growing. The purpose of this weed control is to prevent new seeds from germinating. It will prevent most but not all new weeds and it will not prevent existing weeds left over from the previous fall from growing. After the pre-emergent is applied, post-emergent is then administered. The purpose of post-emergent is to help eliminate the weeds that have survived the pre-emergent and begun to germinate and/or the weeds that have continued to grow from last year. This weed control is applied after the weeds start popping up and become visible.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not apply pre-emergent to the lawn if it has had new grass seed applied to it. Just as pre-emergent will prevent new weed seeds from germinating, it will also prevent new grass seeds from germinating as well.

Is Green Solutions Landcare licensed and insured? – Yes! Green Solutions Landcare is fully insured and all spray technicians are licensed to do so! After your treatment, you will be issued an invoice. The technician’s license number will be listed on all invoices.