How to tell your grass is too dry

Is your lawn too dry?

Its Summertime in Kentucky which means plenty of hot days which makes it tough for your lawn and landscaping to look great and stay healthy.

You already know that our team of experts have great irrigation and drainage solutions to keep your campus, office, hotel or farm looking great.

But here are some quick tips on how to spot if your grass is too dry:

  • Walk across your lawn or field and see if  you can still see your footprints in the grass afterward,  if so it’s a sign that the grass needs water. Dehydrated grass can’t spring back up the way it should.
  • If the blades are starting to curl, they need water and are dehydrated,
  • Has your lawn changed color?  Healthy, nourished and hydrated grass is of a vibrant green color. If your grass is of a dull greyish-blue (or turning brown), it means that it is thirsty.
  • The presence of the heat and stress fungus called ascochyta leaf blight, the yellowing of turf.