Irrigation allows you to have as much control as possible on the amount of water your plants and turf are receiving. By installing an irrigation system, you can support your lawn and landscape while still maintaining environmentally friendly practices.

Our irrigation team is equipped with the proper equipment, materials, and know-how to complete any irrigation installation, troubleshoot and repair issues, and handle any maintenance requirements your (future) system may have.


Design & Install

Interested in having a system installed? Our landscaping and irrigation experts have installed systems for properties of all sizes. Farms, apartment complexes, homes, we’ve done it all! We can provide suggestions and knowledge for your proposed system with your specific lawn and landscape in mind!


Our experienced experts have repaired countless systems. Here are some common problems we see with each type of irrigation:

Sprinkler Irrigation – A broken sprinkler will usually shoot a ‘geyser’ of water high into the air and create one single stream of water instead of dispersing the water.

Drip Irrigation – Whether there is an issue with a single drip emitter or a whole section of emitters, the most common problem is clogging.

Bubbler Irrigation – Ensure your bubblers keep bubbling by making sure the water doesn’t overflow the basin when you run it for the time programmed into the controller. In addition, check to make sure the bubbler hasn’t been knocked out of adjustment.

Spring Startup

Spring start up begins with checking for possible winter damage. While Kentucky isn’t known for brutally cold winters, we still have enough freezing temperatures to cause problems. PVC pipes are susceptible to freezing and can become compromised. Water in non-winterized pipes freezes and expands causing leaks. Those leaks degrade your irrigation system and lead to high water bills. Our trained staff at Green Solutions Landcare can perform a complete test of your existing system to check for pipe pressure and leaks. Should any issues arise, we can perform most required repairs during the same visit!

Kentucky requires all irrigation systems have a backflow test once per year to ensure the safety of the public water supply. Green Solutions Landcare evaluates and repairs all backflow prevention systems. We’ll make certain your system passes inspection – the first time!


Scheduling a professional winterization of your system is the best insurance for a trouble-free start up in the spring. All pipes are susceptible to cracking and leaking. Our professionals use regulated air pressure to purge your irrigation lines of all water from system use. Regardless of when your system was last utilized, residual water remains in your lines. It is absolutely critical to remove the water to prevent freezing and subsequent pipe damage. It’s equally important to use the right amount of pressure. Too much pressure, and you can actually damage the very pipes and sprinkler heads you’re attempting to protect.