A valuable landscape starts with a smart design. We create functional designs that enhance curb appeal by combining practical, aesthetic, horticultural, and environmentally sustainable elements.


Our professional installation crews build beautiful, high quality landscapes that feature sustainable materials, environmentally responsible construction practices, and safe and efficient project management.


The certified and experienced staff at Green Solutions Landcare provide comprehensive maintenance programs, tailored to the needs of each unique property. We not only install new landscapes but are also fully equipped to maintain them as well. For more information on our maintenance options, click here.

Budget, Timeline, & Schedule

At Green Solutions Landcare, we understand the importance of efficiency. Just as we would want our partners to be mindful of our business needs, we make sure we keep your needs in mind as well. By accommodating budgets and staying within your schedule, we make the bidding process as painless as possible!

New Construction Services

Landscape & Hardscape

  • Design & Installation
    • Planting
    • Lighting
    • Pavors/Landscape Stone
    • Fencing
    • Water Features

Irrigation & Erosion Control

  • Design & Installation
    • Drip Irrigation
    • Sprinklers
    • Weather Based Controllers
    • Drainage
    • Hillside Terracing
    • Retaining Walls


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