The best time to control insects and other pests is when they are active and feeding. In this region of Kentucky, activity generally starts around April and continues through October. Green Solutions Landcare specializes in mosquitoes, grubs, small rodents such as moles and voles, and other pests. Your turf and landscaping are an investment you should be able to enjoy. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Pest Control Services Include:

*If you do not see your pest on this page, contact our turf care manager directly for more information! (859) 552-4682.


Mosquitoes in particular need to be treated for every 4-6 weeks during the months they are active. However, once the treatment is applied they should be eliminated almost immediately! In conjunction with mosquito control treatments, it is best to eliminate possible breeding areas to insure they do not come back before the next treatment. If you have any areas with standing water, it is best to remove it as mosquito larvae mature in stagnant water.


Moles & Voles

Moles and voles are often mistaken for one another. Luckily, the treatments are the same! Simply take away their food source. Generally these small underground rodents feed on grubs, so most likely you don’t just have one pest living under you lawn, you have two. In most cases, we are able to deter these pests by simply applying grub treatments.



Grubs are the larvae of beetles that feed on the turf’s root system and mature below the soil surface. Turf that is damaged by grubs may feel spongy when you walk on the infested area. If the area is heavily damaged, the sod will be able to be pulled back like carpet. Generally grubs can be eliminated within 1-2 treatments.


Other Pests

For all other pests, contact our turf care manager for more information! (859) 552-4682.