Summer Fun- Pool Landscaping Ideas and Tips

Summer Fun

Tips for creating low maintenance landscaping around your pool.

Summer Fun

Everyone’s ready for pool season and if your pool area is looking less than inviting we have some tips to create an area that gives you the privacy you want while being low maintenance. The best part, plants don’t drop debris in your pool.

First, you’ll want to get out a sheet of paper and draw ( to the best of your ability) the outline of your pool. You’ll also want to draw the perimeter of your yard. We recommend using a ruler and a pencil because you may want to make changes along the way.

Next , you’ll want to pick out a theme. Check out some of the photos and ideas below that we really like, remember landscaping isn’t just about grass and plants. We love to use solar lighting elements and stone and brick to break up decking. Don’t forget the focal point is your pool.

Ideas from Pinterest:

Now for the fun part, picking out your plants, soil, mulch and so much more. For the best results with your plants, look for a screened topsoil blend that has some compost mixed in, this soil will be free of large clumps and rocks. Organic mulch made of shredded bark, pine needles, or a local product. Avoid tumbled glass or recycled tires, they don’t break down and won’t add any nutrients to the soil. Be sure to prepare the area by removing all debris and clean the area. When it comes to looking for plants you’ll want to choose ones that aren’t messy and don’t have a lot of thorns. Place flowering plants away from the pool to discourage bees from bothering swimmers.Try using evergreen trees, ivy, shrubs, ornamental grasses, and long blooming flowers.

With any landscape project it’s only as complicated as you want to make it. We recommend having a wheelbarrow,shovel, rake, hoe, sheers, bucket and a water hose.your working in. A helpful tip is to soak the ground the night before so it will make it easier to remove weeds. Be sure to loosen the root before placing it in the ground. We recommend making the hole bigger than the pot the plant is in so the roots can spread.  Be sure not to over crowd the area and leave plenty of space for them to grow.

We also like to add potted plants in various sizes and colors. Just don’t forget to water these more frequently than the rest of your plants since these tend to dry out faster in the pots. Use potted plants to transition next to the door or gate and beside patio furniture. These will help bring the pool layout together. We hope you enjoyed these tips for adding landscaping to your pool area.