Commercial Landscaping- Is your landscaping company making the cut?

Commercial Landscape

Commercial landscaping is a multi-faceted service that includes planning, designing, installation, and maintenance for all businesses big and small. Commercial landscapers do a lot more than you think. Its not just a mow and blow. There are many benefits in investing in your landscaping. Unattractive landscaping gives your customers and guests a bad impression of your business. It’s always the first thing someone notices when they approach your business. Studies show a good design can add 20% value to your property. A nicely maintained landscape is pleasing to look at and it can improve worker productivity and attract new clients. By investing in landscaping, you can use the opportunity to reflect your ecological values to your clients and customers. Installing drought tolerant and native plants, a water garden or relaxation/ serenity garden and sustainable hardscape materials can let your clients and customers know you use earth friendly practices. More and more people are being active outside because of the benefits of fresh air. It’s important to make the most of your vacant and green spaces.

Some new trends in 2018 are small gardens, container combinations, reimagined and repurposed items, habitat restoration and edible gardens. All of which can boost traffic to your property. No matter which landscaping company you decide to use landscaping shouldn’t make getting to the front door of a business difficult, even a little bit. You want a business to be friendly and welcoming to customers, not giving them an excuse to go elsewhere.

Now the next question, how to know which landscaping company is going to work for you. Look for a firm that communicates well with you.They should contact you regularly to let you know what needs to be done and what has been done and how long it took or might take. They should be proactive about potential landscaping opportunities and problems. You want someone with reliable results.  A true professional landscaping will send a team member to consult about your current needs. Ask for references and locations where you can look at their work. They will have the specialized tools to start and finish the job. Some landscapers will offer 4 seasons service from sun to snow. If it’s important for you to have all areas covered be sure to pick a landscaper that does it all from ground maintenance to snow and ice removal.

You know what they say: You only get one chance to make a first impression. And that’s why an attractive landscape is so important to you. The same should be said for the appearance of the landscaping company you hire. From the fleet to the uniforms, a tidy and easily identifiable crew is the golden standard and often a direct reflection of your property (and you). When they look sharp, you look sharp and when they look messy, well, you know the rest.

Here is a list of services to look for: Edging, Garbage and clutter clearance, Mowing, Trimming, Field clearing, mulching, flowerbed and store front design, Aerating and seeding, fertilization, irrigation, fencing, lighting, and pavers/stone. Contact a member of our team today to help with your landscaping needs!